The Purpose

The Purpose

I have a lot of ashes in my life. A lot. And I want as much beauty to come
from them as possible. Exorbitant amounts of beauty.



Break through.



As I have shared pieces of my journey with people along the way, I have seen this beauty emerge, and I’m amazed. It makes me want to share more, and not keep my experiences confined to my journals, thoughts, and daily conversations.

I keep being asked things like “You’re writing all this down, right?”, “Can you send me that quote/verse?”, or “Can I put my friend in touch with you?” Well, now I can direct everyone here, a central place to reflect on and express who God is and what He does in the midst of pain.

I want to remember and savor every piece of beauty He has released from my ashes, and hope you will be affirmed as you recognize the beauty He is also releasing from yours.