Led to Castlerock

“If it’s not too good to be true, then it’s not God.”

That’s Graham Cooke. A speaker and author who has been a huge positive influence in my life. I got to shake his hand on Thursday night at his conference in Castle Rock, Colorado.

He wears purple or red socks when he speaks, and he has a brilliant relationship with God.

I’ve listened to Graham talk about God for more than 10 years, and each time, I find I can just breathe easier. That’s what Truth does. That’s what God’s voice does.

I was reminded in dozens, literally dozens of ways this past week that I am loved. A beloved child. A beloved daughter. A friend of God. That’s what Graham talks about, and that’s what God did.

I felt bombarded by signs of love from Him. Ways He let me know that He is around. That I’m ok. That His plan and His love are bigger than this pain I feel.

This pain I feel is still very real. It seizes me when I watch movies with any kind of romance (so I don’t). It causes me to easily slip into irritability and anger if I’m not careful. Pain. It’s just always there, right below the surface. How could this be happening, and how could my husband not be here? Endless swirling questions.

But God. You are my focus, not this pain. You brought me here. To see Graham Cooke. I had been dreaming months ago about this year, and things I wanted to do. “Meet Graham Cooke” had seemed like a random thought, until I had sensed an immediate “Yes” from God. God’s voice.

What? How? Would he be in China on tour?

I remember looking online. Nope. Not China. But Colorado! In August! The same place and time I would already be there for my family reunion, the one time it would work for me.

So I met him. Attended his conference. Soaked for 3 days in truth that affirmed every part of my journey with God, reveling in his spectacular love and kingdom that must be too good to be true. But that’s the point.

I had also sensed that I was to meet the pastor of the church where the conference was, because I felt compelled to share with him how God had highlighted Castle Rock (the town) in a couple of ways to me, and how He had brought me from China. But I had not yet had the chance.

It was the last day of the conference, and I had to leave early. He was sitting in front, and I couldn’t disturb him. Shoot. Oh well, I’ll just email him.

I got up with my things to head out, and walked toward the back of the sanctuary. I noticed movement on my right; someone else was also walking out mid-session, down the center aisle. It was the pastor! We got to the back door at the exact same moment, and I knew this was God giving me my opportunity. We stepped into the foyer.

“Hi, do you have 10 seconds?” I asked. He said sure.

The 5 minute conversation that followed gave me chills. He had been to China and has a heart for it. He had also encountered a similar marriage crisis in his life. He had also gotten several other confirmations like mine about Castle Rock. Wow.

We parted ways, encouraged by a God that causes paths to cross. As I turned to walk outside to my rental car, I noticed he was actually headed toward the restroom – the reason he had gotten up mid-session.

God, you are funny.

So intentional. So intimate. Up to something huge in this city of Castle Rock, Colorado, and allowing me to be a part of it for the weekend. With Graham Cooke. Awesome!

Thank you.


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