I Cannot Help

I Cannot Help

I cannot help but magnify
I cannot help but glorify
I cannot help but worship
And adore Your name

guitar, Corrie Van Velzer PurplePhoenixJourney.comMemories, captured in musical notes and lyrics, float in from the past, bringing tears… pain, and joy.
How could this be?
How could this be?
How could this be?
I cannot…
I cannot help…
I cannot help but… worship.
Thinking of the amazing sweetness that has been released over these last three years of pain.
Sweetness of God’s Spirit.
His attentiveness to my cries.
Cries to be known, heard, understood,
Cries to understand, cries to … cries for everything.
So many tears.
So many triumphs.

Truth emerging, clouded over, then emerging again.
I continue to stand for Truth, for the reality of God’s heart, God’s kingdom, even as the outcome I so desperately wanted is now surrendered and out of my grasp.
Surrendered and at His feet.
It’s not mine to grasp.
Not mine to cling to.

But … it is mine to call out FREEDOM in the face of injustice.

Freedom, God's loveFREEDOM in the face of whatever circumstances.
Whatever outcome.
I walk in freedom. I walk in joy.
I choose life.
Abundant life.
Life with my Creator. Life in His capable hands.
The hands of the One who sees outside of our time.
Who declares Truth and the enemy trembles and scurries away, terrified.
There is no one like OUR GOD.
He is the great I AM.
He sees. He redeems. He restores.
1111, full circle.
Burying the remembrances. Never to be forgotten.
Two doves circle, dead papers crumpled in their mouths, waiting to land.
Waiting for their time to deliver.
Birds, Experiencing GodSignaling one kind of end. But also a beginning.
Bittersweet messengers of pain and joy.

Dandelion, God's graceLiving Truth reigns.
OVERCOMING ALL. Outside of time.
A new season to begin.
Closure. Freedom.
A new name, vision…

Waiting here for you
With my hands lifted high in praise
It is You, I adore
Singing Hallelujah.

I cannot help but worship



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  1. Ahhhh I love this post! It’s so SO encouraging and it’s crazy because it has so much to do with what God’s been showing me, and all of leadership too!

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