Surprise from God in the Comfort Inn


Up late again in my apartment.

Turns out I made a mistake in my flight booking and had to cancel my ticket and buy a new one, which meant I would be stuck in the Denver airport from 1:00am-7:00am before my morning flight to Virginia. So… looking online for motels, airport sleeping lounges, reasonably priced hotels.

An hour ticked by, China Internet painfully slow. Found a few things, but just couldn’t decide. Why pay $100 for a few hours of sleep? Should I sleep in the airport?

In this new season I’m in, listening and responding to the voice of God, normally I’m very decisive and don’t second guess myself, so I was caught off guard: God, help! Could you help me give me peace as I book a hotel?


Where are you, and why are you being silent?


Another hour of hotel search engines and prices popping up on my screen. Frustrated. Couldn’t commit. So I went to bed.

About to fall asleep and an idea occurs to me. I speak it out: “What if I’m not feeling peace about booking a hotel, God, because you don’t want me to book a hotel yet? Hm… maybe you have something else for me that night in Denver?”

I sensed a “Yes” from Him in my spirit, and fell asleep with the beginnings of peace.

So I started wondering and looking for God as I took my flights a few days later. Shanghai to LA, LA to Denver.

Would the nice family sitting next to me invite me to their house for a few hours? Would the flight attendant know of a secret lounge she would let me into with a couch to sleep on?


Nice family next to me. Nice flight attendant.

No invitation. No secret free lounge.

Still no place to sleep.

Ok God, I’m not seeing or hearing anything from you, but I know you know that…

Still feeling that sense of anticipation that He might do something, and was asking me to trust Him.

I walked around the empty airport for a few minutes. 2:00am


Suddenly, a mural painted on the wall caught my eye. A purple bird was there, rising up from a fiery scene. Like a purple phoenix. That’s funny. Am I on the right track? Hm…

Ok, God, you’re here. But what are you up to? I do still need a place to sleep. Should I just sleep in the airport? You know I want to take a shower, though, before my reunion later…

Now what?

I saw the hotel board and courtesy phone in front of me and decided to just move forward and call one, and probably pay a high rate. Oh well. I needed to take a shower. And maybe God had just wanted me to see that cool mural, and practice trusting Him. Maybe I was just delusional and should have booked my hotel earlier and been more decisive. I don’t know.

I was too tired to think anymore. But strangely calm. I called a few hotels from the courtesy phone.

No answer.
Fully Booked.
Fully Booked.
No answer.
One with a room, but $139. Eek!
Indecisive feeling again.

Ah!! Are you kidding me?

God, come on! Are you really going to have me sleep on the floor in here?

“Hello, this is Aaron.” The Comfort Inn. Finally, I got through. Aaron had a clear voice, like a friend. He said he had a free room; I said great, and then strangely, he said: “Wait, so you’re at the airport right now?” I said yes. He said, “Oh great, would you mind to help me see if there are customer service people around? I have a situation here, and I’m trying to get a hold of the airport.” I replied, “Sure… then could you give me a good rate?” He said, “How about $69.99?” I said “Sure!” and then proceeded to run around the airport looking for a service person. Empty. Everyone had gone home.

I called back and told him, and he said thanks for trying. Hopped in the airport shuttle and arrived 30 min later at the hotel. Oh well, God. Thanks for at least giving me a good rate at the last minute to this hotel. Maybe you still have something up your sleeve. Whatever it is, I’m open.

Walking into the lobby. An anxious hysterical woman is pacing back and forth across the lobby. She looks at me: “Oh, YOU’RE the one who was trying to help me and find an agent at the airport. Thank you for trying!”

I stared at her blankly. Oh ya, Aaron’s request.

Her story spills out. Cancelled flight. Hotel voucher. Cab brought her to the wrong Comfort Inn, and wouldn’t come back to bring her to the right one. She was out of money. Had a flight the next day and didn’t have a place anymore. Had been on the phone with the airline management an hour and a half. At her wits end.

Ok, God. There You are.

I talked to Aaron about changing my king to two queens, and he said “I have a better idea, since you’re doing a good deed.” 3 clicks later he was handing me a key for a room with a FREE upgrade to a suite – two queen rooms connected by a bathroom.

I walked over to the woman and told her to turn off her phone; she was staying with me for the night.

Exhausted relief and a handshake. Robyn. Corrie. “Nice to meet you, roomie!”

Crisis averted, and God’s answer to this woman’s prayer and mine. I tried to suppress a torrent of giggles under my breath with Him.

Why would I ever want my previous mindset back where I’m trying to be in control all the time, and never really expecting to hear from God? I had tuned out for so long to His intimate involvement in my daily life.

Now? My job is to listen, follow, and trust, even when I sometimes just hear crickets or the dreaded word “wait”. To enjoy God’s intimate voice and presence every moment, knowing His answer to my questions and prayers are waiting to be found just around the corner, in His perfect timing, not mine.

I feel like I’m in training. On a fun adventure.



Surprise from God in the Comfort Inn — 6 Comments

  1. Wow. That brought tears to my eyes and a huge shiver down my spine. What an amazing god we serve. Oh Lord that I would have that same perspective as corrie to walk hand in hand with you and trust, even though I hear crickets and it feels like you are nowhere to be found.

    • Thanks, Amy. Mysterious, and yet He never leaves us hanging for too long. Even if we don’t see the “end” of what he’s doing, He shows us we’re on the right track because He knows that it gets frustrating to us sometimes that He is ‘invisible’ in some ways.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I have come to believe that if I pray for guidance I will be guided. Even when I feel there’s no direction there actually is. It’s because I’ve invited God in and am walking in faith.
    Sometimes though I would prefer a billboard with specific instructions!

  3. I hear you, Laura. I think we tend to think of God as a really mysterious and far-off God who we have to “try so hard” to hear, when actually, the opposite is true. He is closer and louder (even his whispers) than we can even imagine, and He is teaching us to be constantly in tune with Him, giving us what we can handle. Because if we really FULLY tuned in, we would be flat on our faces all the time – so overwhelmed. He wants us to walk in a whole new way. And not just get our questions answered, but learn how to ask the right ones, and learn and whole new way of living. We’ve gotta be “all in” ! And I pray that He gives you a revelation of what that means for you in this season that you’re in. It’s what I’m learning too. Glad you’re on the journey, and thanks for your post!

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