Walking in Delight

Colorful sky, PurplePhoenixJourney.comWalking In Delight

Walking in delight
Every action, every deed
Every thought
Slower speed
“Halt” I say
The race is off
The rules are a lie
The referees scoff
I’m in a place
Slowing my pace
Gazing around
Sky, PurplePhoenixJourney.comPleasant the sound
Of each little thought
Savoring sweet
Oppression has ended
I hear a new beat
It’s Your heart, it’s Your song
I can now sing along
It’s a dance, it’s a gander
Delightful meander
Erasing my past and my whole list of tasks
I can see, I can see!
I can finally be me
Not controlled, not contrived
Just a freedom to thrive
And relax in my breathing
The enemy seething…
Sunset, PurplePhoenixJourney.comWith no place to land on me
No place to stand on me
What shall I do now?
Things here are so light
Why was life just to do’s, and each day a big fight?
I want life on Your terms, God
To walk in delight


Walking in Delight — 4 Comments

  1. Praying for you tonight. I couldn’t sleep and got up to check email. Looked at your blog; haven’t in awhile. Read the last two. You have a gift…you are encouraging…You have become the joy of His heart. My heart feels your sorrow, and your Joy.

  2. I was reading a friend’s blog and for some reason this came up with her list of blogs. I am reminded of how God loves you and how much you love Him.

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