A Treadmill, God?

A Treadmill, God?

Today felt particularly significant for me, since I’m starting to feel drawn to a season of needing and wanting more alone time, just me and God. Times of pure intimacy with Him. What a cool thing to get to do. Here’s how it started…

A few weeks ago, the idea of getting a treadmill kept popping into my mind. Strange. I have two gyms, and I bike and take walks around Shanghai all the time. Why would I want/need a treadmill? Is this you, God? It certainly does not feel like me. Hm… So I researched online a bit, and saw some for sale, over 2000 RMB (roughly $300) – very expensive. Nothing moved me. Ok, so I’ll just keep my eyes open. Then I got an email about a friend’s moving sale. On the list was a treadmill. I was stirred.

I called… 700 RMB!

I sensed a Yes.

So I picked it up today (with the help of two strong gracious guy friends), and put it in the room in my apartment that I call my Faith Room. A place for my music, painting, reading, and now… treadmill-walking.

So tonight I lit candles, turned off the lights, queued up some Jesus Culture songs and Graham Cooke podcasts on my i-pod, and then walked for 48 minutes. I sang as I listened. I laughed. I cried out my pain. I cried out my joy. I yelled “Amen!” I made weird faces. Uninhibited. I touched the side bars with the tips of my fingers and closed my eyes as Graham’s voice filled the black space.


A little different than red lights, honking cars, and trying not to step on dog poop.

Then I kneeled down, pouring out my heart to Him. Crying. Feeling His closeness. So grateful that He is strong for me. That I don’t have to be strong.

Huh. A treadmill. Quite a brilliant arrangement, one I would have never thought of on my own. Now it is my place of focus, of intimacy with God, of feeling vitality course through me as I cry out to and hear from Him. Immersing myself in truth and getting filled up.

No more falling asleep while praying.


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