Horton Hears a Who; I Hear God

Horton Hears a Who; I Hear God

What does hearing the voice of God have to do with an elephant running through the jungle? Well, that’s what I was trying to explain to a room full of 60 high school kids today when I spoke to my youth group about suffering.

It started with two things I sensed from God in late 2010 – one vision I had right before everything happened in my marriage, and one dream I had right after. The vision came (just a picture to my mind) as I prayed for my husband. I had no clue what it meant at the time.

It was a coffin with purple glowing lava flowing out of it, with a book on top, being consumed and absorbed into the lava. The lava oozed out with a powerful slow intensity, and I could tell it was a “good”, God-type lava. You know the kind. That God was in the lava, overcoming the death of the coffin, and consuming the book.


If that wasn’t strange enough.

Then came the dream about a month later. I woke up one morning and clearly remembered the scene – sitting on the grass with my husband and another couple who we didn’t know very well, and then all of a sudden the earth shaking and all 4 of us in an oblong orange raft, floating on a gushing river of water as the earth cracked and boiled beneath us. Chunks of mountains falling into the sea of water around us, and chaos – a storm of huge magnitude. And worst of all, a terrifying demon lady rose up and towered above us, shouting curses about God with the four of us cowering in the raft below.

I remember feeling terrified, but then… a slowly growing, rising sense of anger at the lies that this demon lady was spewing. A rising sense of boldness to stand up and face her. I knew I needed to stand up and face her. So I rose and turned around, raising my fist, and screaming out truth boldly at this massive demon. That God was powerful, and real, and good.


Scene change like the flick of a switch, I was in a peaceful, beautiful park. The demon lady had been reduced to a speck – a single tiny white puff from a dandelion flower that was floating through the air. I was watching it intently, following it with my eyes, trying not to lose sight of it and chasing it around the park, speaking softly to it that Jesus was real and that his love was real. All of a sudden, the speck became a beautiful lady sitting on the grass. She looked peacefully at me and said: “I believe.”

Then I woke up.

Clearly sensing that boldness and tenacity I had demonstrated in the dream. It felt foreign to me at that time, as my emotions were consumed with overwhelming and debilitating hurt, weakness, and sadness as I faced my “storm” of circumstances. But… the boldness also felt so good, right and natural to me. The intense me that God created and intended. I knew I was to walk that way. Was it really possible? I started to think it was.

So, a vision about God-lava consuming a book, and a dream about yelling at a demon lady and chasing after a little white dandelion speck.


That brings me back to the elephant in the jungle connection. It was a month after having the dream that I was back in the US for Christmas. I was in trauma mode, and in a lot of pain on a moment-to-moment basis. Not able to eat. Crying out desperately to God to help me make sense of what was going on.

My little 9 year-old sister roped me in to watch a movie with her – Horton Hears a Who. Horton is an elephant. The first scene of the movie has dandelion pods floating through the air, then one single little white speck that Horton follows intently all throughout the jungle. Then twenty minutes later, a scene with a book being consumed in a bubbling hot liquid.


I just sat there in awe. He was there with me. I was not alone.

Everyone in the jungle thought the elephant was crazy for believing there was something special about this little tiny speck. As crazy as I felt for beginning this faith walk, tapping into the spiritual realm, and hearing the voice of God.

I laughed out loud.
A good long laugh.

Gosh, it felt good to laugh.

Yes, I laughed because the movie itself was absolutely hilarious (I highly recommend watching it), but more importantly, I laughed because I knew that the God of the universe was assuring me through an elephant running through the jungle, that He had truly given me that vision and that dream, and that He was…

intimately aware of my circumstances
involved in my circumstances
bigger than my circumstances

That I was to listen and follow God’s voice alone. That He was holding me, and that I was loved and ok.

Swept above the pain. Soaring.

[P.S. A year later, a friend wrote me an email that said: “Hi Corrie! Just wanted to share a picture with you that touches my heart…when you are having one of those moments when you think that everything is so complex, look at this picture.” God loves to remind us of what He has spoken.]


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